Blue Sky

We went for a run this morning. The sky was a blue that made my eyes water. We ran through a park with a stadium that the night before held a Justin Beiber concert. No, that didn’t inspire me to run with my running pants at half mast.
We ran in Kastellet park, where a giant old windmill stood. We ran to get our photo taken with the Little Mermaid, in between tour groups flooding off their buses. We ran past the Queen’s garden and The Royal Theatre. The sun warmed the backs of our necks. The swans awoke and stretched theirs. I felt the sea air rush into my lungs. As each foot maneuvered around the cobble stones, I felt fluid and energized.
This afternoon, as we had a late brunch with Kim and Jess’s small group of friends, from Germany, Iran, Spain, and Greece, we talked about the hours old events in Boston, my home. They were all interested in everything that had unfolded. I burst into tears. It seemed to come out of nowhere. But I know I had been holding it in, close to my chest. Being so far from home when my spouse and all my loved ones were locked inside their homes waiting…for, who knows what to happen, created this ball of emotion in me that tightened every muscle in between my ears and my armpits.
This morning, running under that brilliant blue sky, my feet pounding the centuries old pavement, pushed my emotions to a millimeter beneath my skin.
Sharing the horror that took place steps outside my home, to give voice to that reality, while being on vacation thousands of miles away, made me feel like in some way, I had abandoned my spouse, loved ones and my city and all I could do in that moment, was cry.
Maybe tomorrow, or the next day, I will go running again. Maybe more emotions will rise to the surface. I may be thousands of miles from Boston, but in my heart, I am always home.


3 thoughts on “Blue Sky

  1. Oh, it was truly a difficult week and I thought of you often. It’s unsettling to be away from home when things are so tumultuous. Thankfully we’ve turned a corner and the wonderful City of Boston is healing, along with its citizens. Be safe my friend! Take care.

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