Bike Path

All I can say in this moment, before I hit the lights and fade into a certain snore, is that I am grateful for all the nourishment of these past six days, in the form of some very tasty pastries, and more meaningfully, in the beauty and art that surrounded me as I traveled on foot and on wheels. Let me emphasize the wheels. The people of Copenhagen have a long enduring relationship with the bicycle. The city is designed for it, with clear bike lanes on every street, and rush hour means twice as many bikes than cars whipping by. There are bikes and bike racks everywhere.

A few years ago, I gave my bike away to a friend. It had been sitting in the basement for years. This week was the first time I’d ridden a bike in probably more than five years. Copenhagen reminded me how amazing it is to experience a city on a bike. Now that Boston and Cambridge have the hub bike program, maybe I’ll go test my renewed relationship, get my fanny back on the seat and bring the romance from Copenhagen to the streets of my hometown. It might be a long shot, but maybe even Boston will embrace this mode of transportation more and we can work towards leaving less of a carbon footprint. By putting my foot down on a bike pedal instead of a gas one, I could do my part.


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