My flight leaves in less than an hour.
Things I loved about my trip:

1. Riding a roller coaster then being within 20 yards of a herd of deer all in one afternoon.
2. Walking through so many parks. One of my favorites had built in trampolines for kids. And adults who wanted to be kids. Uh, me.
3. Breathing in the crisp air every morning. And Copenhagen definitely smells different than Cambridge. Copenhagen smelled, to me, like a horse. Which sounds like it could be a negative, but it was not at all.
4. The conversations.
5. Hot chocolate.
6. Hot chocolate.
7. Hot chocolate.
8. Learning about the history of a country far far older than the US.
9. Time with Kim and Jess. Family. And of course, Smudge.
10. Is it wrong to list hot chocolate before my friends?
11. Hot chocolate.
12. Running, biking, walking, eating in an unfamiliar city was invigorating. Especially the eating part. Did I mention the hot chocolate?

There is so much more rambling about in my head, that I know I would prioritize differently if I wasn’t boarding a plane in a few minutes. And if I wasn’t so damn tired from having such an awesome time. But my memory will hopefully stay fresh for another post, with more perspective, so please forgive me until then.



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