On the Rails

There is nothing like riding on a train. I love watching the blur of yellow lights in the windows of the houses we pass by. Gas stations’ fluorescents glow above vacant pumps. A white big rig trailer labeled “Two Guys and a Truck” sits in a lot behind a warehouse. Lives being lived all around as we slide through town after town. I’m a breathing little speck on the move on the planet.

The tray table bumping around slightly as I steady the book I’m reading.
And the luxury of sitting in the quiet car. Not having to listen to cell phone conversations about how much the damn deductible is and Jesus Christ what the hell was he thinking driving to Foxwoods at 3am anyway. The only sounds are the air vents, pages being turned, an occasional yawn, and the guy across the aisle who sneezes six times in succession.
All I need is my book, a cup of tea, and a chocolate chip cookie from Flour. Beyond good to go.
An hour before we roll into Penn Station. Plenty of time to move the book mark and get back into the page.
More adventures to come, fresh from the slick streets of NYC this weekend, with a fat juicy kosher dill on the side.