Team We Love TC

Yesterday, I ran a marathon.
To honor the life and humanity of my friend TC.
To celebrate the friendship I have with my friend Gillian and the love she and TC shared.
To be a part of a community that had the phenomenal fortune of knowing him and the desire to do something positive to heal after his loss.
To heal my own history with cancer by doing something so physically challenging.
But I ran a marathon mostly because of love.
I try to have love be what defines my life.
Some days I do better than others.
Some days I allow stupid annoyances to reign.
Some days I rise above the crap that can take over if I allow it.
But Yesterday, it was all about love.
The last three miles, the proof was the tears that ran down my sweaty salty face.
The post finish embraces with teammates, with Gillian, with Meg.
It was real. It was our pure humanity. And my hope is that all the experiences yesterday will guide me to wake up each day being led by love.
And being so grateful, that even though there is nothing right about TC’s death, that his journey brought us here. Together. With love. And we will never be the same. We will be more.



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