Ten Years of Love

Ten Years of Love.


Ten Years of Love

On October 16, it will be my 10th wedding anniversary. This is remarkable. For reasons that are outside the realm of words. So I’m certain I will fail in capturing what my heart holds. But damn, I’m going to try. Love. Four letters lined up next to one another, that breathe profound feelings in all of us, in so many ways, elevating so many moments into such realness.

I love Meg. My spouse of ten years, my partner for much longer. We are couple #147. Meaning, when Cambridge City Hall opened its doors at midnight on May 17, 2004 to same sex couples, we were the 147th couple invited inside to apply for our marriage license. Boom. History. Made. Amongst the thousands of cheering, applauding, joyous people outside City Hall that night, pushing the celebration up to the stars, we floated, knowing, feeling, without any hesitation, that our love, our commitment to one another, was now, seen as equal.

The little queer kid in me, who for years, created a strategy of survival, by keeping everything hidden, secret, buried…was now leaping about inside me, tears of elated surprise flowing freely. The way I’ve always understood love, attraction, desire, romance, was no longer forbidden, dirty, wrong, deviant. It was right. And it was happening, so loud, lit up and beautiful to witness, in the city in which I lived.

Ten years have passed since couple #147 poured out of the City Hall doors into the electric night. So much has happened. Just this week, courts are overturning discrimination. State after state after state. Love wins. Every time. Sometimes it takes a while. Sometimes we have to push, wait, push again. But love wins.

On October 16th, I plan to pause, with Meg’s hand in mine, and look up at the stars, like I did ten years ago. Grateful for all that happened then, all that has happened since, and all the progress that will happen, as long as we remember, love. Always. Love. Wedding 438