2015 Starts with A Run

On January 2, 2015, I officially started my training for the Boston Marathon. I’m so damn lucky to have been chosen to run with the Animal Rescue League of Boston’s marathon team. I knew this was the year. There were so many flags waving at me from all different directions, I couldn’t help but see them flapping away all around me. I could choose to wave them off, or I could choose to tuck them into the fiery inspiration pocket of my little brain and get a move on.

I somehow got out of my way and chose the latter. And infinitely grateful I am here, able to do so. This past December marked five years since I finished cancer treatment, inspiration #1. This past July was my 10th anniversary volunteering at ARL Boston, inspiration #2. And one year ago, I ran the Disney Marathon with Team We Love TC, in memory and in celebration of my friend TC, who left this world insanely too soon, big time inspiration #3.

Running is such a gift to me. It has given me the ability to heal from loss, the ability to manage and push out my fear, and the ability to show up and be a part of something so much greater than me. This post starts my first of several as I train for the marathon. I will run for the dogs I love that for no fault of their own, stay with us at the shelter until they find a new home, and for all the humans who have inspired me to come this far.  I promise to keep on running.    Gabe


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