DOMA down

It happened today. the Supreme Court said it, loud and can I say, proud. Same sex couples cannot be denied the right of marriage. My marriage. Which has thrived within the walls of our house. Thrived within the boundaries of Massachusetts. But had stopped short of equality in the eyes of the nation. Today, we have moved significantly forward. My marriage is now going to count amongst those same sex couples who are married in all the states that recognize them. The federal government will now recognize us. We’re here, we’re queer, we’re equal. Almost.

I hope that this gives those who live in states that don’t recognize those rights, a light that shines for tomorrow, as it will happen. It may be a bumpy wild path for some time to come, but the momentum is humming. National marriage equality is on the horizon, I can see it. I hope we all can.

Those who came before us, I stand tall, humbled, by what you gave to get us to this moment. You are to be celebrated. And tonight at City Hall, we will. Be sure. You’ll hear us. And then tomorrow, we’ll get to work finishing what you started so the lgbtqqi youth who are growing up now will face only acceptance, respect, and equality. Let’s get things started. And today is a phenomenal place from which to leap forward.



4 thoughts on “DOMA down

  1. Mal, this is a poignant and beautifully written account of this wonderful moment in history and momentous step towards equality. I just wanted to let you know that you’ve just inspired me to start a blog.

  2. Mal,
    As the mother of one of the youth you talk about, there are just no words for how much I appreciate everything that anyone who has worked towards this day has done. Especially people like you who work for equality and do so much for young lgbtqi people.
    Thank you thank you for contributing to making the world a better place for my daughter and her whole generation!

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